Website Content

Printed page side onYour website can say a lot about you – and you don’t have long to show your visitors they’re in the right place.

It’s all very well having a super-duper website design, but what if the content lets it down?

An oft-quoted maxim online is that ‘content is king,’ and that’s true. Good content has to do the following:

  • Attract visitors to your website by containing text relevant to their search.
  • Be informative and lively to attract and hold their attention – a poorly written website won’t keep your visitors on your website for long.
  • Be professional in its content and structure – no daft spelling mistakes or typos.
  • Be structured for web reading eyeballs: people tend to read text differently online compared to print.

Properly written, informative and lively text is a sound investment in your online presence. It will last you a long time if it’s up to standard in the first place, and it does a 24 hour a day job of informing and engaging your visitors along with showing your professionalism (or otherwise!)

Let’s talk and see how top class website content can make the difference.