Editorials and Press Releases

Editorials and press releases are a good way of publicising your business, and the beauty of them is you can (sometimes) re-use content you already possess in the form of, say, articles or blog posts.

Press releases are usually used to say something newsworthy about your organisation, and can be submitted to various press release specialist websites under a category suitable for your area of work. There’s nothing to stop you using them in offline media, too, such as local newspapers and trade magazines.

They are written in the style of a news story (see my ‘Writing Samples’ page for editorial examples) and add credence to your organisation as they appear to come from an independent source (i.e. not yourself!)

I can write press releases for you in one of two ways:

From scratch. We discuss what you want to highlight – or you tell me via email – and I’ll write a suitable press release (or a few variations slanted to different media).

Re-Purposing Previous Content. We take one or more previous articles – or other content – you possess and ‘convert’ it into a press release. Sometimes it’s basically a case of re-writing something into the usual press release ‘newsy’ style, or taking a few elements of the content and using it as the basis of a press release.

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