Blogging 'B'

Blogging is a great way to promote your business, build a relationship with your actual and potential customers, and attract visitors to your website.

I can write blog posts for you.

Is Blogging Worthwhile?

Whether you’re a small, one or two-person business or a large corporation, the value of blogging can’t be over-estimated. Because of its immediacy and personal style, it’s an ideal way to build relationships and allow your personality to come to the fore.

Blogs are also a sound investment of time (and perhaps money) as the posts will still be read long into the future by newer visitors to your blog (see ‘SEO Blog Posts’ below).

…You probably know all this, but you’ve either put off blogging due to the work and time involved or – if you have a blog – don’t write for it often enough for the same reasons.

If this is the case contact me now and let me write your regular blog posts and free you up for other activities knowing you have an up-to-date blog presence.

How It Works

Depending on the nature of your blog (more business-orientated? More personal? More informative?) I’ll write blog posts to an appropriate length as frequently as you wish: daily, weekly, fortnightly…whatever you prefer. I can write them in batches so you have a supply you can post individually, or I can write then one-by-one just before you need to post them.

I’m basically a ghost writer: writing in ‘your’ style whether it be for one person, or several in an organisation. For example, if you run a golf club I could write blog posts from the club secretary, the club professional, the catering manager, the head green-keeper and the club treasurer. All would be differentiated to reflect the writing and conversational style of each different person posting.

What I’ll Write

This is, of course, up to you. You tell me what needs covering in a certain post – or maybe series of posts – and I’ll write them. We’d build in time for you to read the posts before they are published on your blog, and allow time for any amendments/revisions to be completed.


You may want some basic text written so you can ‘tweak’ it afterwards and turn it into ‘your’ post. This is fine: effectively you’re doing an editing job rather than the entire writing.

Ultimately, I can be totally flexible in providing the level of blogging help you require.

Blogging Mechanics

Not sure how to set up a blog? I can help with the basics – setting up and using popular blogging platforms such as WordPress or looking at ways of integrating a blog with your existing website.

SEO Blog Posts

As well as the personal style of communication, blogging is also ideal for attracting new people to your organisation. Using keywords that people search on, there’s a good chance they’ll find you and what you have to offer through your blog.

Any questions? Like to know more? Contact me now.